6 Ft. VGA Monitor Extension Cable

Adjustable height desk
SKU: VGAcable

If your VGA cable is not long enough now that your monitor can extend, we offer a 6 ft. extension cable for the additional length needed. This VGA extension cable features a low loss, double shielded design. Signal integrity is further enhanced by ferrites cores that filter out noise. Come with durable molded connectors with thumbscrews for a secure connection. Great for connecting high resolution analog displays. Comes with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind. 1 Male, 1 Female 15pin connection, VGA connections are also commonly referred to as HD15, DB15 (a misnomer), PC in/out, RGB and RGBHV.

Gold plated pins.

Outer Cable Diameter: 0.365 inches, or 9.28mm

Price: $13.00

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