MyMac Kangaroo Pro iMac, Cinema Display, Thunderbolt

Adjustable Desk
Adjustable DeskAdjustable DeskAdjustable DeskAdjustable Desk
SKU: The MyMac Kangaroo Pro


  • Separately adjustable Work surface and Monitor surface
  • The MyMac Kangaroo Pro is designed for the iMac 24" & 27" / Cinema Display 24", 27", 30" and Thunderbolt
  • The guiding system is much more robust to support the weight of the iMac products
  • 28" wide x 24" deep Work Surface
  • The main work surface can raise 15" above your desk
  • An Apple Adaptor Kit is used to hold your Apple Monitor
  • The Monitor can adjust 6.5" independently from the work surface
  • The MyMac Kangaroo Pro is very stable because of the Solid Steel Base plate
  • One stabilization leg is included with each MyMac Kangaroo Pro order
  • The MyMac Kangaroo Pro has the capability to add the detachable side work surface
  • The MyMac Kangaroo Pro can also support an optional Keyboard Extension
  • When purchasing the MyMac Kangaroo Pro, bundle the Ergo Mat for 50% off.
  • Available in Black, Maple, Cherry and Putty

(Please note, you may have difficulty installing the Apple Adaptor. Watch this video for a demonstration.) Once you have the Apple adaptor installed, the rest of the assembly is relatively easy. Purchasing a Torx Screwdriver may be helpful as the one Apple supplies is substandard. You will need to remove the base of your unit and install the Apple adaptor plate prior to mounting your display to The MyMac Kangaroo Pro. You can read about the Apple adaptor kit by clicking this link.

Price: $549.00

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