Adjustable height desk
Adjustable height deskAdjustable height deskAdjustable height desk
SKU: Wallaby


  • The Wallaby's work surface and build are larger than The Wallaby Junior
  • 28" wide x 24" deep Work Surface
  • The main work surface can raise 15" above your desk
  • The maximum recommended weight for Laptops or Monitor is 15 lbs
  • While the correct ergonomics for keyboarding can be achieved, the monitor will be in a position that you will need to look down when you are in the standing position.
  • The Wallaby is very stable because of the Solid Steel Base plate
  • One stabilization leg is included with each Wallaby order
  • The Wallaby has the capability to add the detachable side work surface
  • The Wallaby can also support an optional Keyboard Extension
  • When purchasing the Wallaby, bundle the Ergo Mat for 50% off.
  • Available in Black, Maple, Cherry and Putty
  • For a comparison of The Wallaby and The Wallaby JR, Click Here.
Price: $379.00

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