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AdjusTable is helping you to improve at work, during movie-nights or relaxing. It is also very healthy, as it keeps you out of uncomfortable positions for your back. We are here to HELP YOU improving and performing at your BEST!

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Customer reviews

I bought this since I’m in school now and I get home late because of my college classes, extra curricular activities, and my own activities . I use for when my back hurts from sitting on a char and just wanna sit on my bed or wanna be in my couch . I can do all my work and has those little gray things to hold your computer. Overall I’m super relieved and happy

Carolina Taylor

I have ordered this for my kids to do the homework so they can sit with us and write properly. This has been so great that sometimes i work on it with my laptop. It's super convenient while working. I strongly recommend this product. it is super sturdy and adjustable height and tilting is super easy.

Jennifer Beddow

I've had the laptop desk for a couple of days, but needed to post my review right away because of the desk. Its lightweight yet sturdy, easy to use and perfect to use in a bed or reclining chair. I've even used it at my desk to stand at my desk. When used in a reclining chair or bed there are two edge clips that prevents the laptop from sliding off the desk.

Jason Wallace

I love my new laptop desk. Very well designed and sturdy. The material used is perfect for long lasting performance. Was super easy to set up and use. The desk has several height settings, the same for the top. There are clips for your laptop or iPad. Super highly recommend

Benjamin Zayach